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In the midst of the current global and economic crisis our church and hall are closed but the work of the church goes on.
The regular, committed and generous giving of our members is necessary to support and sustain that work.
Together we can ensure that the church - thatís all of us - continues to demonstrate Godís generosity, faithfulness and love.
If ever the church has been needed in our communities, it is now.
People across our nation are facing life-changing situations; therefore, we must be fully committed, equipped and resourced to be the church for this time and context.
In every parish throughout the country, ministry and mission continues to be delivered even in these times of challenge and restrictions. However, this is only sustainable through the ongoing generosity of those who support the church.

If you would like to make a donation towards the running of our church you can make a payment via Internet or phone banking, bank transfer, payment via cash or cheque to our treasurer or set up a standing order to make a regular payment to our church.

If you are a tax payer, you can complete a gift aid form which will allow us to add an additional 25p to every pound which you donate.

Please Email our Treasurer ( if you would like any information on making a payment or setting up gift aid.


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